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Enjoy utter despair and self loathing? Do you like being repeatedly angry/disappointed at the idiocy and lack of empathy a large proportion of customers show….? Is the answer “Yes!”, then you should consider working in customer services. 

If interested please send us a video of you acting very concerned about something you don’t care about and another of you apologising for a mistake you never made. 

-I think this is how all customer services jobs should be advertised.

sometimes a poo is better than an orgasm.

On the way to New cross once a man threw an uneaten/untouched kebab at me. I ducked and it hit the woman behind me, it was very funny. I am flattered that he thought I was worth wasting a kebab on.

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I saw a foreign man look up in disbelief when he turned to page 3 on the train today

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