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The rain made me so soggy my pants and socks and bra are now all damp. it sucks. 

If someone paid me £20 I’d let them see the entirety of all the videos I’ve recorded of myself on webcam. They are pretty funny I even find myself chuckling to them quite a lot. Maybe I’d let you see them for a glass of red wine and a nice homemade curry. There are so many lolz ones of me drunk trying to be sexy and miming to Beyonce and then other ones of me doing covers of Jason Mraz and being cheeky. Also there is a really funny drunk one of me eating ice where people are talking about having sex in the background. I have a total of 236 movies of myself.

I love my Photo Booth self. I should make a movie out of them dedicated me. 

George thew a full beer can at my chin because I underestimated how scared of spiders he was as I pretended to chase him with one.

Enjoy utter despair and self loathing? Do you like being repeatedly angry/disappointed at the idiocy and lack of empathy a large proportion of customers show….? Is the answer “Yes!”, then you should consider working in customer services. 

If interested please send us a video of you acting very concerned about something you don’t care about and another of you apologising for a mistake you never made. 

-I think this is how all customer services jobs should be advertised.

sometimes a poo is better than an orgasm.

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